Back to School Photography Tips from the Pros

As a parent, nothing can be more exciting than the back-to-school season – from preparing their lunches to getting them a nice, clean hair cut and sharpening their pencils. You are about to get busy again! However, taking school photography is even more exciting than anything else. In light of this, mentioned below are a handful of professional photography tips you need to enhance your skills.

Mess with the Colors

Don’t be afraid to play with the colors. Bold colors add a more enhanced and vibrant touch to photographs, so don’t be afraid to implement everything you learned in art class here. Get a good look at your kid’s school bag – what color did he have you buy this year? Compare and contrast the color of the backpack with the shirt or dress your kid is going to wear for school on the first day after summer vacay.

The clothes should always be on an opposing hue on the wheel of colors – for example, if your daughter has a baby pink schoolbag, it would go great with a green frock or dress. Similarly, an orange bag goes brilliantly with a navy blue shirt.

Make a wonderful palette of primary colors that can cleverly be associated with the very fundamentals of childhood so that you whenever you use colors such as blue, yellow or red in a photo, you will always have an awesome photo! For best results use Canon EOS 5DS available from many online stores.

Frame Filling

Frame filling is quite synonymous with back-to-school photographs as per the professionals. The scene where your kids wear their new clothes to school and meet and greet their homeroom teacher must be playing in your mind. However, one of the most important factors to consider here is the face of your kid. No matter what, your kid’s facial structure will keep on changing every year, which isn’t something many people realize. So, as soon as they meet their teacher, be ready with the camera and take some quick snaps of your kids and their excitement and ensure everyone fits the frame.

Progression Photos

Back to school photography is a solid testimony to a complete, yearly milestone. It is a brilliant way to document the gradual growth and progress of your kid throughout the years before he becomes a teenager. These changes can be remarkably exceptional if you manage to capture photos of your kids at the same position, striking the same pose every year. So for every school year, take photos of your kids standing on the porch, playing around the oak tree, standing near the mailbox, etc. You will be immortalizing a memorable progression of your kids growing up inside and around their home.