4 Tips To Take Photos Of Birds Like A Pro

If you’re reading this article it’s because you want to take awesome pictures of birds. It took me a while to become good at it, but you don’t have to struggle.

I came up with 4 tips that will allow you to take great photos of birds in no time.

    1. 1) Choose the best place and time

First things first: if you want to take pictures of birds, there must be some birds around. My advice for beginners is to go to a local reserve.

Reserves are great because you know the birds will be there, and there won’t be any visual pollution in your pictures (like buildings, cars, etc.). But when should you go?

Contact the reserve in advance. They’ll tell you the best time of the year, the best time of the day, the equipment you need, and more.

    1. 2) Know your camera

You don’t want to arrive at the destination, find the most beautiful bird, and then not know how to take a good picture.

Make sure you know how to use your camera. And I’m not speaking of turning it on or pressing the shutter button. I mean really know your camera.

Know how to use the manual mode, how to focus, change the ISO, aperture and exposure depending on the light conditions.

    1. 3) Go prepared

The day before you visit the reserve you must check that you have everything you need: batteries and memory space in your camera; your tripod; food and water.

If you’re serious about bird photography you’ll need plenty of magnification. Take your best lens, but know that it might not be enough.

    1. 4) Be patient

Once you’re in the reserve, you need to be patient. You’ll find several birds, but finding them and taking great pictures is not the same.

Remember to pay attention to composition and find the best camera settings for each picture.

Wait for the bird to move or look at you. Just make sure you have your finger on the shutter ready to shoot.